About Soie Lisse

Soie Lisse specializes in carefully selected high quality personal care products that meet women’s diverse beauty needs. We look for skincare, makeup, hair and body items that promote Asian beauty and make them available to all women who are looking to simplify and perfect their beauty regimen.

Brand Story


Our name means “smooth as silk,” which we believe to perfectly describe the three core areas we want to focus on:


Soie Lisse Solutions – Smooth, clear skin is our wish for our clients. We are aware of the specific needs of women’s varied skin types and seek to address them with carefully selected products.


Soie Lisse Cosmetics – Makeup is an essential part of our product selection. We make it a point to only choose cosmetics that are made of the finest ingredients, have nourishing properties, and apply like silk.


Soie Lisse Experience – We have worked hard to make Soie Lisse run as smooth as silk to give our customers the best online shopping experience. At Soie Lisse, nothing matters more than your shopping enjoyment.